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  1. Research done 👍🏾✅
    The 2020 strategy was different from 21 … Evolution 🧬 and MSIs is the biggest Takeaway!!

  2. Learnings from EOFire Income Report:
    March 2022
    Gross Income $ 396,193
    Net Income $ 353,841
    Income from Online Courses, Affiliate Revenue and Books wa only 7% while 83 % income was from Sponsorships which may be due to Branding.
    Further, % of Net Profit to Gross Revenue was 88 % in January 2022 and 91 % in February 2022, It means less than 10 % overheads/expenses.
    Learnings: Shares What is Working, what is Not Working and what is Possible.
    Puts Hard Work into learning and Growing as an entrepreneur, specially when just starting out.
    You are able to pass on what you learn to others through teaching, which is the aim.
    spi (Pat Flynn)
    December 2017 Monthly Report
    Planning, Setting Goals and Achieving them.
    Plans for 50 %Income from Affiliate Marketing and 50 % from other sources including courses ,
    2. To create 2 Online courses to ais goal # 1
    3. To enjoy total 4 weeks with the family on a vacation
    4. To read at least 1 book per month
    5. To touch rim of reputation height basketball hoop(10feet)
    Actually Created 4 courses including one premium and one free.
    Read 45 books
    Spends time with family.
    Sources of Income include Affiliate marketing and courses.
    Spends time for learning also i.e. Reading Books.

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