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  1. Ashim Kumar Naskar

    In this session we learned about the funnel system. This is in three categories (i) Concepts, (ii) Stages and (iii) Communities.
    We need to provide the value to the customer even before they come to our courses.
    Under the Concept there are three steps (i) Pre-framing, (ii) Conversion and (iii) Community. After the conversion we generally forget the customer, but it is very much necessary to understand the we need crate good bonding to that happy customers and be continuously in touch with them and for the same we can crate the whatsapp group.

    In the Funnel system under stages we need to plan how to attract the Leads, basically that is lead magnet. Initially we can provide the FREE webinars to the customers, but later on we can provide the conceptual courses on less amount and like this the leads will increase and after that we need to implement the courses with higher charges. Basically this funnel system is most important part because it creates the lead manet and ultimately it brings money.

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