5 thoughts on “ShubhVardan Hackathon (Q1)”

  1. Ashim Kumar Naskar

    Good evening my friends. Today’s topic regarding the HAKATHAN is wonderful. Today only the Mission -1 described very nicely. IF YOU HELP ENOUGH PEOPLE TO GET WHAT THEY WANT, YOU WILL ULTIMATELY GET WHAT YOU WANT – I think this is a MISSION Statement. Most of us have less clarity about our NICHE. NICHE CLARITY is nicely explained. Also the journey required for the same is too helpful. We need to take pain to achieve more. FOR LONG TERM PLEASURE YOU NEED TO TAKE SHORT TERM PAIN. I think I am learning new things here and this is certainly taking me to a greater heights towards my goal for establishing MY BRAND. I sincerely thanks to subhvardan.com for the wonderful learning and support to all of us.

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