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    1. बहुत खूब स्क्रैच लेबल से शुरू करके आगे बढ़ने का अध्ययन बहुत बहुत आभार एवं धन्यवाद

  1. This Course is Excellent and the Presentation is good. i Learn a lot. if you really want to grow. take necessary action fast. i think this is a new area to explore yourself. if she can do it everyone can do it.

  2. This brand vision course is excellent. I learnt power of focus, system,actions.
    I also learn why people fail and how to get success and why nich clearity is important and how to validate . 4 c formula is very valuable.Anyone who applied the 5 skills to win the really winner . overall excellent course and presentation is good.

    1. Sanjeev Dravid

      जीस तरीके से वरदान बिटिया ने पुरा मन लगाकर समझाया है इसके लिए मै इनका ऋणी हुँ ।हर एक बात को बहुत् हि साधारण तरीके से दिमाग़ में डाला है।।ओर आगे की ट्रेनिंग के लिए बहुत ज्यादा उत्सुक हो गया हुँ।।।मेरा जीवन बदलने के प्रयास में आपकी शिक्षा कि अहम् भूमिका महुसस हो रही है।
      इसके लिए आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद ।
      संजीव द्रविड़

  3. Ashim Kumar Naskar

    I am extremely thankful to Mr. Naveen Sahu for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Course ‘BRAND VISION BLUEPRINT” The said course is more than Excellent and more than Awesome. The content and the presentation of the course by Ms. Vaardan was absolutely mind blowing. In this universe we all are special and we all are unique and it is nicely proven by our “Finger Print” and our “RETINA”. The process to create and craft our BRAND VISION is very nicely and precisely explained with easy understanding, specially the 5 Ps which is very important to build the Brand. The step by step procedure to create money by Novice, Pro and Master is remarkable and I am fully confident that if any body learn and follow the processes taught in this course will surely earn more than 10 Lakh to 15 Lakh per month within 8-12 month initially. This course is very wonderful to establish someone’s Brand and I highly recommended this course for those who really want to establish themselves. I once again convey my sincere thanks to the team of SIAS Academy who designed the content and delivered to the people/

    1. I’m spellbound by Mr.Navin Sahu and her daughter Miss Vardhan’s presentation. Now I’ve much clarity on the why part which I have been looking for more than two years. Now I can say with confidence that if you want a total 360° transformation then come and join It will save you money, time, and energy. Thank you

    1. Thank You so much for sharing valuable information about Brand.May our dreams come true . Thanks Again Shubvardaan 💓

  4. Amardeep. Dalvi

    A very. Usefull. Crystal clear. Simple. Very. Easy. To. Understand. Eye opner detailed. Road. Map. Chargeable . BRAND. VISION BLUEPRINT. Ever. Seen. In. This. Market. A very biggener. Can. Also. Understand. Very well ..VARDAN. Madam. Is. Really. Marvelous her.Tone. Her. Way. Of. Explanation. Is. The. Best .Her. Study. Is. Very. High. Just. Like. Sambhaji. Maharaj. Learning. Various languages. In. Early age. Salute. To. Vedan madam & NVIN. Sir THANKYOU

  5. Pushpendra sharma

    This Course is Excellent and the Presentation is good. i Learn a lot. if you really want to grow. take necessary action fast. i think this is a new area to explore yourself. if she can do it everyone can do it
    Mr Naveen sahu, Vardaan & team doing a great job of this ew digital era

  6. Really this course is a brand new concept where you can learn and earn ie you can leverage the knowledge as well as your income. It is really said as your network is your net worth. Amazing, mind-blowing teaching material and content by Vardan God bless her for her knowledge and kindness in this field. I really want to thank Mr.Navin Sahu Ji for providing me with this platform and showing interest in me to join the course which would rather help ing me a lot in this field. Thank you thank you thank you.


  8. I have gone through the course and it provides immense knowledge and great enthusiasm, I wish I could complete the course as soon as possible.

  9. I have gone through this course and found that this is the right plsteform I was searching for. I m excited to join its advance course to make my dreams true. Thanks to Navin sir and Miss Vardan Sahu impact leaving presentation.🌷👏🌷

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